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Storage Tips Meridian Office
  • Pack books flat to save spines. Line cartons with plastic, and fill with paper.

  • Wrap every dish and glass separately. Layer paper on bottom, sides, and top.

  • For draperies and clothing, use dedicated wardrobe boxes.

  • Keep photographs flat by storing them between clean cardboard.

  • Use packing tape to seal boxes and keep out dust and dirt.

  • Label boxes in large print on all four sides, and create a master list.

  • Clearly mark boxes with fragile items, and stack them on top of heavier boxes.

Box Belongings Wisely for Your Republic Storage Unit

Prevent your items from degrading over time

  • Drain oil and gas from all machines with small engines.

  • To deter rust, wipe metallic surfaces with a few drops of machine oil.

  • To prevent scratches, protect wood furniture with pads or bubble wrap.

  • Wrap mattresses, upholstered chairs, and sofas in protective plastic covers.

  • Save space by storing small items inside dresser drawers or appliances.

  • Use climate controls to protect items that may be sensitive to humidity.

  • Store heavily-used items at the unit's front, and leave an aisle for easy access.

Clean storage facilities


Useful Storage Tips to Keep Your Items in Top Condition